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The Psychology of Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

The Psychology of Marketing - Essay Example Several studies have been conducted to identify the base on which to draw ideas regarding attachment as a characteristic of individual-material object relationships. Stacy and Moreau (2006) argue that individuals feel less connected to certain objects than to others. Additional studies requiring participants to list possessions they value according to order of preference deduct that possessions listed topmost form a larger part of the self than the possessions which are lowly listed or not listed at all. It is for this reason that it can be deduced that people have certain possessions that they have a strong attachment towards as compared to others.Another study by Wallendorf and Arnould (1988) on Nigerians and South-western Americans found out that the link between a person and an object can be reflected in the cultural beliefs of the person. Some objects in both communities had been held by individuals as valued possessions. Another social culture study by Csikszentmihalyi and Roch berg-Halton in 1981 on Chicago residents found that male participants had little attachment to household possessions as compared to females.Researchers have proven it true that the possessions each and every person have are linked to them in some way which is why we buy a commodity that will exhibit the needs and/or wants of each person. Many measure other people via what they possess, the house they occupy, the car they drive, among other things; which makes the setting up of particular material goals a common thing all through the lives of people. All of us keep certain materials close to us and treasure them even when time has passed since their value was recognized. All this materials that we value pose as a representation of particular things for a given reason, in some cases; the cherished things are usually worth of giving up while in other cases, they represent things in one’s life that are almost or totally impossible, in short, the things we have developed a strong attachment with. Particular possessions are kept to help someone reflect upon their past selves or used as a remembrance of most valued persons or events in their lives. The attachment that exists between human beings and their possessions is a common experience among consumers yet the source of the attachment and what the attachment really is are less understood. At this stage, it is important to view attachment as a human-possession association. The current market place is full of thousands of advertisements every now and then which makes it hard to get to attract the attention of the target client so that they can see your ad(s). In order for this to happen, the marketer must have a detailed understanding of the client so that the advert created speaks a direct and effective message that the client sees as important and not what the marketer sees as important. It is vital for the marketing section of an organization to reach out to the people and inform them that they care about their thoughts and what is significant in their lives. Psychological marketing is better understood if an understanding of the saying â€Å"people do not want your product or service† is better too (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele, and Waller, 2011). They will always want you to give those answers, solutions, pathways, or secret openings to the desires of their hearts yet they do not want to pay for them. Why do they pay? The answer to this question can only be

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Different techniques on raising children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Different techniques on raising children - Essay Example If the parents failed to establish a meaningful relationship with their children, the children may not care much about the instructions given by the parents. For example, if both the father and the mother of a child professionals, they may not get enough time to establish a strong relationship with their children because of the less time they might have spent with their children. In such cases, it is difficult for them to make their children obedient to the instructions given by them. â€Å"Self-confidence comes largely from being confident in the world around you. If you can trust your own world to be solid and unchanging, its far easier to be sure of your own place and personality within it† (Ten Tools for Parenting Happy, Healthy Children, 2010). Planting self confidence in the minds of the children is one of the major requirements for making the child capable of undertaking independent tasks. A child should have planted the seeds of self esteem even in his mind during his childhood itself in order to succeed in his future life. For that purpose, the parents have a definite role to play. As the child learns from his surroundings, especially from the family, the family members should exhibit reasonable confidence in their activities. It is difficult for a child to develop self esteem if his parents happen to be cowards. â€Å"Parents should be each child’s first and favorite teacher. Most parents will encounter a few bumps in the road as their child moves from baby to teen to adult† (Parenting & Family Issues, 2010). Family is the first and major school of a child. Peaceful family atmosphere is important in raising a child in the right track. Children first learn things from their parents and the family. If the parents often clash each other in the family, children may not get the right message for their development from the all important family school. Moreover, the transition from a baby to teen and teen to adult are important phases in one’s life.