Sunday, July 28, 2019

Global Strategy Management - Cultural Considerations Assignment

Global Strategy Management - Cultural Considerations - Assignment Example Religion is another cultural consideration that I would take into account in my strategy to expand into India. An example of how I would factor in religion in my strategy is to recommend that company representatives do not order beef in restaurant because the cow is a holy creature in Hinduism and Hindus would feel insulted and this would impact negatively on our business in the country. Festivals and holidays are another cultural consideration in strategizing for entry into India. There are many national and religious celebrations that Indians observe and I would recommend that our business be closed during some of those celebrations because it would show honor for these events (Millar, 2006). Another cultural consideration in expanding business into India is the many languages used by Indians. I would be keen in cautioning that the various Indian ethnic groups speak different languages and as such, business representatives should be careful to learn the meaning of different Indian words before using them in doing business. Respect for the elderly is another cultural consideration and my strategy would also recommend that our business representatives show respect to elderly customers in order to enhance the success of the corporation (Cullen & Parboteeah, 2014). This would not impact our current strategy negatively but will make it more versatile. This is because as much as we have spelt out all the things the corporation will need to launch business in India and start operating, the endeavor cannot succeed unless there is a way to forge a working alliance with the locals. Taking India’s cultural considerations into account in our strategy will make it versatile particularly because it will match well with John and Deborah’s corporation’s exceptional customer service for which it is reputed in the industry. A cultural consideration that helps cultivate a close relationship with Indian customers would help vary our activities in order to suit the

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