Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 17

Marketing - Essay Example The main types of media that the marketer needs to utilize are television, newspaper and print media, public relation activities and direct selling. Television: Television advertising assists business to cover wide geographical locations (Shimp and Andrews, 2013). The marketer needs to invest near about 30% of the budget for celebrity endorsement through these advertisements. Public relation: Sponsoring different tournament and live events will help the brand to attract the attention of different consumers. They need to allocate almost 20% of the budget for this promotional strategy. The new recipe for breakfast cereal is intended to the health conscious consumers. The organisation is mainly targeting the slimmer consumers. They have assigned major budget for the promotional procedure. The management has utilized differentiated strategy where they have only targeted a particular section of the society (Weinstein, 2013). The important media for the promotion are sponsorship, television and print media. Television: Displaying advertisements of the product during different morning healthcare, exercise and yoga shows will prove to be beneficial for the organisation. Another 25% need to be allocated for this media. The promotional activity of the new energy drink mainly focuses on the players and sports personalities. The organisation has decided to spent minor budget for the product as they are focusing on concentrated targeting strategy (Debruyne, et al., 2002). They can utilize internet advertising, posters/ hoardings and sponsorship to promote their product. The word of mouth promotional procedure plays a major role for this kind of products rather than the traditional electronic advertisement procedure (Buttle, 1998). Internet: The organisation needs to design an interactive website to promote the benefits of their product towards the sports

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