Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sales Force Automation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sales Force Automation - Essay Example "Sales force automation refers to automating all the actions related to sales of an organization or business. This is a coordination of applications that chiefly center on scheduling and contacts management. Sales force automation actions are usually incorporated with other systems that supply the status of orders, inventory and products and other related information and can be a part of a bigger program of customer relationship management." (Trai.org, 2005) There is a wide range of variety available in shape of software and solution for all business levels to gain and transcend their sales forecasts. All these tools eke the process of timely information provision which help the business to audit their present positions and plan their future. The tools available for the sales automation process include personalized software, which are customized according to the specific needs of business. These solutions can be arranged according to the needs of business and sales process of a company. On the management level the sales solutions for executives and management support them in making decisions regarding the sales such as setting goals, auditing the present position of company's sales, providing information about the marketing activities, undertake result assessment and predating more accurate estimation regarding sales of a company. These supporting tools provide the sales personnel with several benefits such as database supervision setting schedules and keep a note of different important documents. These tailored software can be easily indulged in the business system and can be transformed according to the specified needs of a company. The easy application of this software saves time. The implementation of this software also improves the control of management on the sales force. They can analyze the current position of sales activity in effective manner and provide all the important information regarding the current position of the company in the market. Another cutting edge feature of this software is the provision of security to information and data stored. Most of these softwares have in built tools which secure all the information and data stored from the risk of loss or theft. Another important feature is the easy to reach and timely provision of information to the related stakeholders. "SFA packages typically include a Web-ready database, an e-mail package, and customizable templates. A three-tiered architecture is typically used to separate the database, server, and application to reduce programming demands on clients. A module-based design is generally used, to allow users to customize the package to suit their needs.In August 2000, Oracle released a free CRM software package, OracleSalesOnline.com that makes information - such as contacts, schedules, and performance tracking - available online through the included database program. The package is designed for medium-to-large enterprises with mobile work forces.

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